Chiropractor Marketing Platform

All-in-one growth platform.

Everything you need to manage your digital marketing, done for you by our team of experts.

Fully Optimized Website

Your website is the first interaction most people have with your business. Having a website that is structurally optimized, easy to navigate, and informs your prospective customers is key in making a positive first impression.

We build websites that are fast, easy to navigate, and that will help you convert more of your existing traffic into new customers.

Building a new website, not your thing? No worries, we're happy to evaluate and use your existing website too.

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Landing Pages That Convert

Landing pages will make or break your marketing effort, and you can't afford to send your website traffic to a lackluster landing page.

Our platform allows you to create ultra-fast, high-converting landing pages with ease. Utilize our prebuilt conversion rate optimized landing page templates or create your own using the intuitive built-in page builder.

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Search Engine Rankings

Your customers start their journey using a search engine, and if your website doesn't rank toward the top of search, you may be missing out. That's why we utilize a combination of organic and paid search listings.

Organic listings will help balance out your website traffic which adds consistency to your marketing program. Paid listings help you compete when you're still building your organic listings and competitive key terms.

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Graphics That Get Noticed

How does your brand vibe with your customers online? Through bespoke graphics that can be used across social media, banner advertising, email newsletters, etc...

Every month our team will provide you with beautiful graphics that are designed to convey the same feeling your customers get when they visit your location while they visit you online.

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Tools That Build Trust

Your visitors may be looking at up to five other providers when doing their research. It's important to establish trust by promoting your experience, track record, and likeability.

Every site we build comes packed with widgets to help display accreditation badges, testimonials, customer reviews from 3rd party sources, videos, patient resources, and more.

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Powerful Integrations

We work with a host of 3rd party platforms to help you maximize your marketing performance, and we're actively building out new integrations every month. Current integrations include everything from tracking & reporting to email newsletters.

We're currently developing call tracking and online appointment scheduling into our platform later in 2021.

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More than a platform

Coming Soon

Having a great marketing platform is half of being a successful chiropractor. The other half is developing your business and marketing knowledge. That's why we've not only developed the best chiropractic marketing platform but also the best chiropractor business and marketing community.

Marketing Cohort

We utilize marketing data to optimize campaigns across all accounts to improve your performance.

Referral Network

Access to send or receive referrals from our entire network of chiropractors, partners, and vendors.

Exclusive Group

Access our online community of chiropractors and exchange advice on growing your business.

Industry Leaders

Learn from the leading chiropractors in the industry on our monthly webinar series.

Coaching & Mentors

Partner up with an IgniteKit approved coach or mentor to accelerate your growth.

Podcast Series

Listen to our podcast series during your commute to get tips on growing your business.

Email Newsletter

Industry updates and fresh ideas delivered every week delivered to your inbox.

Blog & More

Marketing and industry blogs, whitepapers, webinars, and more to help you grow your business.

Exclusive by market

We'll work for you, not your competitors

We want to help you, not your competitors. That's why we limit our service to one chiropractor per market. A market depends on your local population density however, most of our clients nearest IgniteKit member is more than 10 miles away. This means you'll never have to worry about your advertising budget being eaten up due to others using the IgniteKit platform within your market.