Streamline your communications

Centralize your customer conversations and enhance engagement with messaging.


All messages in one place

Inbox by IgniteKit offers a centralized platform for managing all customer interactions, integrating seamlessly with your website, CRM, and major platforms like Google and Facebook, while providing access to live support.


All messages in one place

Inbox centralizes your communications, allowing you to efficiently manage and promptly respond to messages from various channels in one unified space. This centralization streamlines your workflow, significantly improves response times, and enhances overall communication efficiency.


Interactive website chat

Connect with your website visitors in real-time through Inbox’s integrated chat feature, which offers immediate support, captures leads effectively, and significantly enhances the user experience on your site. This feature not only facilitates instant communication but also boosts engagement and lead conversion rates.


Seamless platform integration

Inbox integrates flawlessly with Google, Facebook, and your website, centralizing your digital presence and simplifying the management of interactions across these key platforms. This seamless integration ensures a cohesive communication strategy, reducing the complexity of managing multiple communication channels.


Effortless CRM integration

Enhance your customer relationship management with Inbox by seamlessly integrating with IgniteKit's CRM system, enabling you to meticulously track interactions, efficiently manage contacts, and personalize communication effortlessly. This integration ensures a more streamlined and effective approach to customer engagement and data management.


Support at your fingertips

Access live support directly from Inbox, getting immediate assistance from the IgniteKit support team to resolve queries, optimize usage, and ensure smooth communication workflows. This direct access to support empowers you to quickly address issues and leverage the full potential of the Inbox platform for your communication needs.

Advanced messaging capabilities

Inbox by IgniteKit not only simplifies communication but also enhances customer engagement through advanced features.

Smart Automation

Leverage automated responses in Inbox to provide instant replies, ensuring continuous engagement with your customers.

Track Conversations

Maintain a comprehensive history of customer interactions within Inbox, facilitating better service and personalized communication.

Unified Messaging

Sync conversations across different channels within Inbox, ensuring a consistent and efficient communication experience.

Control Access

Add users to help you manage Inbox, and maintain control over your team’s communication access.

Personalize Interaction

Tailor your website chat widgets to match your brand identity, creating a cohesive and engaging user experience.

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