Unify Your Customer Conversations

Centralize messages, enhance lead capture, and streamline communication

Empower Your Communication

IgniteKit Inbox introduces a revolutionary approach to managing all your business communications from one centralized hub. With features like AI-assisted web chat, integration with Google Business Messages, and unlimited SMS messaging, IgniteKit Inbox is designed to enhance lead capture, improve customer service efficiency, and foster collaborative team communication. This powerful tool simplifies your workflow, allowing you to focus on what matters most: growing your business and building lasting customer relationships.

Streamlined Communication

Effortlessly manage all customer interactions in one place, ensuring no message is overlooked and every customer feels valued.

Enhanced Lead Capture

Utilize AI to engage and capture leads directly from your website, providing immediate assistance and capturing critical contact information.

Collaborative Team Inbox

Share responsibilities and collaborate on customer communication, ensuring high-quality customer service with a shared team inbox.

AI Lead Capture

Automate Engagement with AI Web Chat

Instantly capture leads with AI-powered conversations.

  • Automatic lead capture
  • Instant engagement
  • AI-driven interactions
  • Easy website integration
  • 24/7 AI assistance

Google Integration

Seamless Google Business Messages

Direct communication via Google Maps and Search.

  • Direct messaging link
  • Enhanced customer reach
  • Integrated within Inbox
  • Streamlined communication
  • Boost Google visibility

SMS Communication

Expand Reach with SMS Messaging

Unlimited SMS with local texting numbers.

  • Nearly unlimited SMS
  • Local texting numbers
  • High deliverability
  • Personalized communication
  • US and Canada coverage

Team Collaboration

Collaborate with a Shared Team Inbox

Enhance teamwork in customer communication.

  • Shared access for teams
  • Collaborative messaging
  • Centralized customer view
  • Efficient response management
  • Streamlined workflow

Frequently Asked Questions

How does AI-assisted web chat enhance lead capture?

AI-assisted web chat engages visitors automatically, capturing details and answering queries, ensuring leads are efficiently captured even outside business hours.

Can Inbox integrate with other messaging channels?

Yes, Inbox plans to integrate with Facebook Messages and Instagram DMs, broadening the spectrum of communication platforms for your business.

Is there an extra charge for the AI chat feature?

No, the AI-assisted web chat feature is included with Inbox at no additional cost, providing valuable lead capture capabilities as part of the service.

How can real agents engage through the web chat?

While initial engagement is managed by AI for capturing details, real agents can follow up via SMS or email, personalizing the conversation further.

Which platforms support the web chat widget installation?

The web chat widget can be installed on any website that allows code embedding, including popular platforms like WordPress, Shopify, and Wix.

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