How To Choose a Chiropractic Marketing Agency

What differentiates an expert marketing agency from a cookie-cutter agency? Learn 10 essential criteria of a quality chiropractic marketing agency.

A chiropractic marketing agency is more than just a business that performs marketing or runs a few ads. It’s industry experts that understand how your business works and use that knowledge to attract clientele to help your business grow.

When you work with agencies that understand your business, you can reduce your marketing costs because they are better equipped for marketing in your niche versus wasting time and resources on general marketing techniques that aren’t relevant to your audience.

Learn how to find the right chiropractic marketing agency for your business.

How to Choose a Marketing Agency

There are just under forty thousand advertising and marketing agencies in the US. If you jump right into your search, you’ll soon be overwhelmed and are more likely to make an impulse decision.

Instead, build a strong framework for your search by performing these three steps to ensure you find one that will help you reach your business goals.

Know Your Goals

Start by asking yourself what you want to accomplish through your chiropractor marketing agency. Do you need someone to go to for advice while you do most of the heavy lifting, or are you hoping to outsource most of your marketing tasks?

You may want to write down a list of specific objectives, like the number of new clients you want to attract, what marketing channels you want to grow, and what areas you need help with.

Your goals will guide you in choosing someone with the resources and services available to help you reach your growth objectives.

Establish Your Budget

The most common concern with hiring a marketing agency is budget. Marketing agencies charge anywhere from under five thousand to over twenty-five thousand monthly. About 65% of businesses spend less than five thousand on their marketing agency.

When planning your budget, also consider what the business will bring in return. For example, a business that just posts ads for you won’t bring in as much as a marketing agency that acts as a personal chiropractor business mentor and creates expert marketing campaigns. Even though the second costs more, you will see more revenue at the end of your campaigns.

List the Services You Need

What services do you want your chiropractic digital marketing agency to perform?

Some examples of chiropractic marketing services you may look for include:

  • Marketing campaign strategies
  • Search engine optimization
  • Ad management
  • Social media campaigns
  • Website management
  • Email outreach
  • Reporting and analytics

For example, Ignite Kit offers a host of digital marketing services, where we focus on reducing costs while maximizing results instead of just running cookie-cutter ad campaigns.

Look at Reviews and Referrals

The best place to start your search is through referrals and reviews. Find what agencies in your industry are rated the highest. You can ask chiropractors nearby whether they have any personal recommendations to help you narrow your search to the top-rated chiropractic marketing agencies.

10 Criteria of a Quality Chiropractic Marketing Agency

Use these ten criteria to review marketing agencies in your niche to find the best fit for your needs.

1. Niche Chiropractic Knowledge

There’s a significant difference between a marketing agency that works with chiropractors and a chiropractic marketing agency.

The first option is a large marketing agency that covers multiple industries. Chiropractors are just one of several different clients. Even though they have experience in your industry, they aren’t a niche marketing agency.

When you choose a niche agency specializing in chiropractic businesses, you are investing in an agency that has inside knowledge of how your customers think. They can build targeted campaigns based on personal experience rather than textbook knowledge.

Another benefit of choosing a niche agency is they are often smaller than mass marketing agencies. Smaller agencies won’t treat you like a number but like a relationship. They take the time to get to know each client and their needs, which helps them provide better service.

2. Market Exclusivity

A market exclusive agency only works with one chiropractor per market. This ensures they don’t have a conflict of interest.

This means that if they take you on as a client, they won’t accept other chiropractors that are your competitor.

Ignite Kit determines market exclusivity by the distance between clients and population density to keep them from marketing for local competing businesses.

3. Access to Relevant Data

Two-thirds of marketers say data-backed decisions are more effective than marketing based on your gut instinct. Moreover, it can increase your ROI five to eight times.

Data is information and patterns you collect on the industry and your customers.

For example, you might notice a pattern in what ads attract the most leads. You can use this data to focus your marketing spend on those advertising channels to maximize your return.

However, to succeed in data-backed marketing, you need the right data about your targeted niche. When you use industry experts familiar with your customer base, you also have more access to relevant data that you need to make intelligent marketing decisions.

4. Offer Additional Resources

What resources does the agency offer you beyond their chiropractor marketing services to help you grow? A marketing agency that genuinely cares about its clients will pour effort into them to ensure they set them up for success. 

For example, they might offer exclusive invites to webinars, send out regular newsletters, provide access to a chiropractor business coach, or post regularly on an informative blog.

5. Charge a Flat Rate

Marketing agencies that charge by hours can have wildly varying rates. This can make budgeting even more difficult from month to month.

To make budgeting more manageable and consistent, look for chiropractic marketing companies that offer a flat rate system. Then, you know exactly what to expect each month and have an easier time staying on track financially.

6. Easy to Connect with

Communication plays a significant role in the results of your marketing campaigns. If you can’t reach your marketing agency or don’t have a way to communicate your goals, you won’t have a high chance of success.

86% of professionals say that issues that arise in a company usually stem from poor communication

For example, Ignite Kit offers unlimited chat support and a kick-off planning call in our starter pack. Our Growth plan also includes priority support and monthly strategy calls to ensure we are always on the same page.

7. Strong Reputation

What are others saying about the business?

Look for reviews and a list of past clients to see whether the agency has experience in your field. 

Their website will also be one of the most significant demonstrations of the quality of work you can expect from a marketing agency. If it’s well put together, you can tell they have an eye for content. However, if their website is difficult to navigate and their content isn’t appealing, you shouldn’t expect much better from them when they create marketing strategies for your business.

8. Aligned with Your Values

You want to work in sync with your marketing agency. To help align your goals, you should start by finding an agency aligned with your values and cultures. For example, if you value transparency, you’ll want to work with an agency that also emphasizes that value.

9. Real-Time Reporting

Reporting will tell you how your marketing campaigns are performing. This data is vital for calculating your return and knowing whether your investment in the agency and those strategies are profitable.

If your marketing agency offers real-time reporting, you will receive alerts about potential issues as they occur. This allows you to quickly respond before any significant financial impact occurs.

10. Company Transparency

You shouldn’t have to dig through their website to find out basic information about who you are working with. You also don’t want to find out a month after choosing an agency that they have a long list of hidden fees.

Transparent companies will be honest about what they offer, their prices, and who they are as a company.

Find an agency that instills trust by being open and honest. For example, they might post reviews, prices, services, and other information about their agency and what goes into their marketing process.

What Sets Ignite Kit Apart from Other Agencies?

Ignite Kit primarily focuses on intent-based marketing. This means we pair clients who are actively searching for or need chiropractors with local businesses. This requires expert insights and exclusive data to identify these customers with the highest need and the greatest chance of purchasing from you.

Because of this focus, we can offer reduced marketing costs and a higher return because most of the leads we bring in are ready to buy.

In addition, we invest in our clients beyond the marketing strategy through resources and tools that build on your general services so you can flourish in your business.

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